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Dark Chocolate Fudge Filled Brownie Cookies

This recipe started out as a challenge from my husband. For a welder/construction worker it can be very difficult to find healthy foods near job sites. In addition, there is the constant temptation of junky snack foods at convenience stores, etc. To help him out, I often ask him what junk foods he finds himself […]

Healthy Fudgey Brownies

I know, healthy brownies is a total contradiction. I love making contradictions work. Not only that, I love making desserts that I don’t feel one bit bad about giving to my two year-old daughter. The other night she had a bowl of Easy Chocolate Pudding for dinner (along with a bowl of mixed veggies and […]

Easy Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate, need I say more? I love to have chocolate treats on hand, especially during this time of year when the stores are full of chocolate hearts and truffles tempting me away from my healthful ways. Chocolate pudding is one of my favorite chocolate craving fixers, but it can be surprisingly difficult to make a […]