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Chocolate Chip Pecan Waffles with Peanut Butter Mousse {whole grain spelt waffles)

Belgian waffles, what breakfast is more decadent? I love dense, rich waffles and sour cream is just the ticket to get the right texture and flavor. I have been making waffles with sour cream since long before I became vegan. It was a very pleasant surprise to find out that I could still make my […]

Sausage, Onion and Cheese Breakfast Bake {tofu}

I can never seem to follow my own advice. I am constantly reminding myself that occasions that include providing a meal for individuals who are not vegan may not be the best times to try out new ideas. So what did I do on Easter morning? I made a dish that I had never tried […]

Brunch Blossoms

I was inspired to make these beauties when I was shopping several weeks ago. I was waiting in line to checkout, and as I was frantically looking around to see if there was a shorter line (toddler monster was in fine form as she attempted to climb out of the cart, pull off her shoes […]

Cracked Pepper and Maple Bacon (Tofu)

A couple weeks ago when I posted my vegan steak recipe, I mentioned that I might be sharing a bacon recipe. It’s just about time I made good on that. I actually have a few different methods for preparing vegan bacon, so I think this will actually be one of several posts on the topic. […]